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Evolution Dental Billing provides an evolutionary approach to dental billing by offering dedicated, experienced, professional dental billing services and one on one billing training or coaching to dentists and dental teams across the United States.

Remote access let's Evolution Dental Billing be on your team without being in your office. 

Monthly Packages allow you choose the dental claim services you need, at the price that's right for you.


Join Evolution Dental Billing today to see how we can help your practice billing evolve. 


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Remote Dental Billing Service

Daily Claims and Payments

Evolution Dental Billing provides complete daily dental claims service. We will review and send clean claims with necessary attachments, accurately post payments received by check or EFT, appeal denials and follow up on open-aging claims to keep control of your dental claims for you. 


Coaching and Training

Evolution Dental Billing provides One-on-One remote training and monthly coaching so you can learn all about dental billing from the comfort of your own office.

Whether you are starting from scratch or a seasoned biller, we've got tips, tricks and tools for you!

Protocols and Systems

Evolution Dental Billing provides the tools you need to create and implement a strong billing protocol and system. We have forms for everything from Eligibility to Appeals, Financial Policy and statement protocol. We will help you collect what you produce! 



One Claims Service


Two Claims Services


Two Services with Aging


One on One 

Evolution Remote Dental Billing

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