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Evolution Dental Billing provides an evolutionary approach to dental billing by offering dedicated, experienced, professional dental billing services to dentists and dental practices across the United States. Remote access let's Evolution Dental Billing be on your team without being in your office. Monthly Packages allow you choose the dental claim services you need at the price that's right for you. Join Evolution Dental Billing today to see how we can help your practice billing evolve. 




Free up your team

Evolution Dental Billing provides complete dental claims service. We will send, post, follow up and keep control of your dental claims for you. 


It's time to make a change

Evolution Dental Billing can help you implement a progressive and complete dental billing system.  We will evolve your dental claims service to the next level. 

Get AR help

Do you need help with open 30/60/90  day (or more!) dental claims?  Evolution Dental Billing can help close and collect on those old claims. 



Sand Dunes

How can we help your practice evolove?


Complete dental claim submission service


Accurate allocation of claim payments


One-on-One Online Team Training


Dental AR cleanup-

30/60/90 day claims

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