Dental Claims Service

Dental Claims Service includes the creation and submission of dental insurance claims from posted or completed dental services

Necessary documentation and required chart information, such as- diagnostic quality radiographs or narratives is attached, as required 

Daily submissions are verified, rejects and errors immediately addressed. Evolution sends clean claims that process quickly and get you paid faster.

Dental Billing Protocol

From dental benefit breakdown forms to aging dental claims follow up instructions- we build a solid, complete dental billing system for your team.

Evolution will teach you how to organize and digitize, breakdown and understand dental benefits, read EOBs, how your dental software works for you, patient statement protocol, claims follow up and even how to appeal a denied claim.

Your team evolves into better dental billers!


Dental Posting Service

Allocation and posting of dental claim payments received by check or EFT. (We opt you out of VCCs!)

Payments are distributed by procedure, include important claim notes and necessary adjustments, patient portions are detailed and a statement is queued when necessary. And same day resubmits or appeals of denials and downgrades, when possible.

Evolution's Dental Posting Service will also update allowed amounts and fee schedules for commonly downgraded procedures, to help improve treatment planning and increase over-the-counter collections.

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Dental Billing Training

Our remote dental billing training will answer all of your dental billing questions! Remote access allows us to use your software, patients, computer and office to present the best of dental billing.

We train your team everything important starting with how to build a solid foundation of dental benefits; create, send and follow up on claims; how to read an EOB, allocate a payment, with or without adjustments, and appeal denials. 

Evolution Remote Dental Billing One-on-One Training courses cover every aspect of dental billing to help your team reach evolutionary success.

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Dental AR Cleanup

aka: Dental Billing Rescue

Struggling with your 90+ day money?

Evolution Dental Billing will follow-up on open dental claims to resolve issues preventing processing, make necessary corrections and resubmit, when needed.

With research, corrections and resubmits, to set the insurance wheels in motion, Evolution Dental Billing will get those old claims paid.

Remote dental billing can help you collect what you produce!


Outside Patient Hours

The business of Remote Dental Billing requires that a workstation, loaded with your important software and with access to important folders, is available. We know this is not always possible during patient hours.

Evolution Dental Billing is available to work when your office is closed.

We give you the same evolutionary service without taking a workstation from the office team during office hours. They can focus on the patient while we ensure claims are sent, payments are posted, and AR is under control. 


Patient Account Statements

Evolution Remote Dental Services can help with patient accounts too!

We can help implement, build on or revamp patient billing systems to reduce existing patient balances.

Let us show you the step by step, week by week, system that will evolve your AR.


Dollar Notes

Fee Schedule Changes

In network providers are allowed increases to allowed amounts! 

Are your current fees up to date?

We will reach out on your behalf to discuss your contracted fees and request and implement increases for you!

Having current fee schedules improves treatment planning and adjustments to your collections.